About Us

Welcome to Valley Christian Academy. VCA is a Christian K-12 school associated with the Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206. This unique school first opened its doors in 1986. While the Prairie Spirit School Division hires and pays the teachers, it accommodates the Christian emphasis of the school in hiring of staff members.

The school program follows the provincial curriculum interpreted from a Christian perspective. Students who meet the credit requirements of core curriculum graduate with a complete grade twelve standing from Saskatchewan Education. However, the school is free to add other curricula or to replace certain units with material that is agreed to be of equal academic value in order to ensure that the school retains its Christian integrity. A reasonably broad spectrum of class offerings assures that students graduating from VCA will have had opportunity to take all classes necessary for acceptance into the post-secondary institution of their choice.

The school is committed to a Bible-centered education and as such students receive formal instruction in Christian Ethics in Kindergarten (K) to twelve (12) and an attempt is made to integrate Biblical principles and perspectives throughout the curricula in all grades. Teachers at VCA are provincially certified and great care is taken to ensure that all staff hired are committed Christians who support and uphold the mission of the school.