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CHRISTMAS HAMPERS & MARTENSVILLE FREE PANTRY  the holiday season is coming soon and many families right here in Martensville rely on the Christmas Hampers that the Firefighters put together for families that cannot afford to buy food and toys this time of year. Martensville also has a free pantry service that helps provide families in Martensville with food and household items all year round.

The Knights in Action are organizing a food/toy drive to help collect non-perishable food items, everyday household items like paper towel and toilet paper, and other hygiene items like toothbrushes, and shampoo to donate to both the Christmas Hamper and the Martensville Free Pantry. A box will be put inside each classroom and students can bring items to donate starting Wednesday Nov 22nd through to Thursday December 14th.  We thank you in advance for your help and support.

We are continuing to collect items for the food hampers and the Martensville free pantry until Thursday December 14th. Thanks for all of your support so far.

HEALTHY HUNGER LUNCHES – Venture Heights School Community Council is pleased to announce that we will be offering lunch options every Friday!  This year we are offering Subway, Taco Time, Domino’s, and Pita Pit. Once again, we will be using the Healthy Hunger website to place orders.  Healthy Hunger is an easy to use online ordering site that allows you to see upcoming lunch dates, order your child’s lunches using the simple online form and pay online using either Visa, Mastercard, or Interac.

Please go to and register your child for this 2017-18 school year (instructions are attached).   You may place all lunch orders from September – December.  Click here for parent information:  healthy hunger parent letter


K-4 Cell Phone Usage:  Due to the abundance of the technology that is provided at school, there is no need to send a device to school. These devices are only brought so kids can listen to music or play games neither of which are a necessity in the school day.  If emergencies arise, parents can always get in touch with their children by simply phoning the office.  Some exceptions for individual classroom teachers may be made in coordination with the school administration.

Grade 5-8 Cell Phone Usage : Due to the abundance of the technology that is provided at school, there is no need to send a device to school. If emergencies arise, parents can always get in touch with their children by simply phoning the office. Additionally, all classrooms now have a telephone, so connecting with students will be even more efficient. Some exceptions for individual classroom teachers may be made in coordination with the school administration.

Cell phone use will not be permitted inside the school building during school hours. Students who have cell phones in classrooms or in the hallways will have them taken away and given to the homeroom teacher.   Phones can be retrieved at the end of the day. Third time offenders will be dealt with by the school administration.

BUS LANES –  the number of vehicles driving in bus lanes after school is increasing significantly.  What is worse is that we are seeing daily occurrences of vehicles driving past buses with their stop arms out.  This is a very serious safety concern and it needs to stop.  The RCMP will be increasing their watch of this situation and people will be getting ticketed.

This is a very simple problem to fix – No One Needs To Drive In The Bus Lanes!



Gr. 7 & 8 Girls and Boys Basketball– is underway.  Practice schedules have been given to the students and will be mentioned in daily announcements as well.

Gr. 6-8 Cheerleading – practices are every Monday afterschool.


SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR FOR 2017/2018 – click here:  School Year Calendar 2017-2018


PRAIRIE SPIRIT BUDGET 2016/2017 – parent communication regarding Prairie Spirit facing additional $3 million in budget reductions.  Click here:  Parent Communication – Prairie Spirit Budget 2016-2017

PRAIRIE SPIRIT SCHOOL DIVISION NOTICE – Prairie Spirit progress reports for Grade 1 – 9 students now use a learning progression scale to report student progress.  The shift from percentages to levels of learning will provide a pathway to intrinsic motivation and continuous improvement.  Go to the Prairie Spirit assessment blog for more information:

IN-TOWN AND RURAL BUS CANCELLATION INFORMATION – For information on in-town bus cancellations, click here.  For information on rural bus cancellations, click here.








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