SWAT (Students of Warman Adventure Team)

The Students of Warman Adventure Team (S.W.A.T.) is back in action with many exciting activities planned for semester two. Our mission is to connect youth with the amazing Saskatchewan prairies, lakes and forests while helping students gain an appreciation for nature. With this in mind, we have planned a variety of activities, learning opportunities and trips. S.W.A.T. is an extra-curricular club, however, there are times that activities will require students to be out of the classroom during regular school hours. In this event, it is each participant’s responsibility to get caught up on missed classroom work.

Canoe trips are popular events for S.W.A.T. members. Students will be required to attend mandatory training dates in order to be eligible for a canoe trip. The advanced trip is open first to grade 12 students who have previously been on a W.H.S. canoe trip, and then to grade 11’s. The beginner trip will be offered to all other students that go through all the mandatory training.

We request you sign and return a Medical Fitness Form as well as Parent Permission Form, which are required for students to participate. These forms will also be collected by Ms. Handwork and Mrs. Wegren.

Staff S.W.A.T. members include Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Brandt, Mr. Perry, Mrs. Henkleman, Ms. Handwork and Mrs. Wegren. Please do not hesitate to contact any of these staff members with questions or concerns. We are looking forward to many great adventures!