General Behaviour Expectations of Students

We have high expectations of students’ behavior at WES.  We have few written rules as expected behavior is built on the foundation of respect and responsibility.

– All children are to walk within the school.

– All children are to use their quiet voice inside.

– All children will go outside at recess unless there is a note of explanation from the parents as to why this is not possible.  As a rule of thumb, children who are too sick to go outside are too sick to be at school.

– Children are to have a pair of runners at school just for Phys. Ed.  These could serve as their inside pair of shoes which students are to wear at all times when inside the school.

– Children are to wear their hats outside only.

– Dangerous items (snowballs, iceballs, rocks) are not to be thrown.

– Children are to keep their hands and feet to themselves.

– All children are to be respectful to all school staff and peers.