We report to parents on a formal basis five time a year, two of which are parent/student/teacher conferences.

Progress reports for grades 1-3 will be sent home on November 27, March 18 and June 28.  Grade 1-3 parent/student/teacher conferences will be held on October 6th and 8th.  Later in the year we will have student led conferences which will be a group format and be held on Wednesday, March 9th with possible follow-up interview on Tuesday, March 22 as requested by the teacher or parents.

Kindergarten progress reports will go out on February 29th and March 1st, and the final report will go out on June 28.  Kindergarten activity conferences will run on November 24th and 26th.  The second set of activity conferences will be in the spring on May 3rd and 5th.

Parents schedule their conferences online.  Once the website is set up for the interviews, parents will have access and will be notified to book at www.schoolinterviews.ca .