School Community Council

A primary link between the home, community and school.

School Community Councils (SCC) support student learning success and well-being, and encourages parent and community involvement in the school.  Prairie Spirit School Division believes that involvement with a school’s SCC is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members.

The role of a Council member is to build shared responsibility among parents, the community and school for student learning and well being.  In addition, an SCC member’s role is to lead parent and community involvement in school planning and improvement. 
Warman Elementary School Community Council Mission Statement:
The goal of the Warman Elementary SCC is to promote the learning success and well being of our students in a safe and caring environment through parent and community engagement.
                                    Successful schools don’t just happen. 
                         They need parent and community involvement!
Warman Elementary School Community Council Board Members 2017-2018

Denaye Merz (Chair)            

Elisa Prestley                      

Naomi Schellenberg ( Secretary)

Christa Knorr                       

Brenda Black                         

Andrea Anderson             

Rochelle Riemer                    

Jennifer Jellicoe                  


Peggy Mattila-Bains (Administration Representative)   306-933-2066

Orlando Pauls (Administration Representative) 306-933-2066

Sam Dyck (Division Board Representative)   306-933-2805



September 2017

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