About Music Education Facilitation

What does the PSSD Music Education Facilitator do?

Within this role, I am assigned to build capacity in teachers who are assigned to teach the music strand of the Arts Ed curriculum in K-Gr. 9, and/or those teaching music 10/20/30 and related credits at the high school level.  The division recognizes that not all teachers assigned to teach in this area feel comfortable navigating this curricular area sufficiently.  My job is to work alongside teachers who need support to build their pool of resources, develop their ideas for projects, learning activities, and teaching musical concepts, build teachers confidence and knowledge in this teaching area, and assist teachers in learning the details of music as needed in an attempt to have students meeting the curricular outcomes that currently are required.

What does this look like in schools?

Every teacher’s needs are different, and I try to tailor support accordingly.  Facilitation can look like any or all of the following:

  • In-class support minimum 3-5 classes with the goal of moving through an “I do, We do, You do” process.
  • E-mail or phone communication on ideas, questions, or resources
  • The Facilitator can do a demonstration lesson with your class on a topic or area a teacher is not familiar with.  Ie: I can teach you and your class how to tune ukuleles, or I can do an introductory to The Blues lesson, etc.  The idea here is for the teacher to learn some of the details involved in a concept or topic such that they could then carry on from that point or could replicate that particular lesson another time on their own.
  • The facilitator can co-teach alongside the teacher over an extended period of time until the teacher feels confident and knowledgable enough to become independent of the facilitator
  • The facilitator can simply be on-hand during a lesson that is new and unfamiliar to the teacher, available as an extra set of hands, or for support should a crash and burn moment arise.  With all the talented teachers that PSSD has, I’m sure there will be no crash and burn moments, but sometimes its nice to know help is on hand just in case. 🙂
  • The facilitator can assist in researching purchase options for music equipment and technology

What does this look like beyond the school?

In addition to the in-school work I do, I also work to provide division-wide support through the following work-in progress projects:

  • Development of PSSD library resources for music education
  • Development of a PSSD music equipment catalogue
  • Building a PSSD network of music educators
  • Development of a plan for future music education in PSSD
  • Maintain and develop an effective resource through the PSSD Music Education blog
  • Organize and prepare Resonate events
  • Organize and prepare PSSD PD opportunities for teachers
  • Organize and prepare musical performance opportunities for PSSD students and local musicians
  • Monitor Saskatchewan curriculum development and high school credit options
  • Provide updates and reports to Senior administration and the PSSD board of education
  • Maintain involvement in provincial Music Education and Arts Education provincial organizations



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