Resonate Junior


Resonate Junior – Expanding in 2018!

February 7th & 8th, 2018 @ Bethany Bible College

Registration will open in fall of 2017.

Guest Clinicians to be announced.

Resonate Junior is sponsored by Prairie Spirit School Division and St. John’s Music (Saskatoon)




About Our Staff Team

Dave Carter is a Coordinator with Prairie Spirit School Division. One of Dave’s newer areas of responsibility is to lead the work in Music Education for Prairie Spirit School Division. Dave plays guitar and harmonica in the band, The 3 Canadians, which was formed in 2006.  He also provides vocals. The 3 Canadians is a 5 piece band which performs a mix of rock, folk, and blues and can be heard in and around Saskatoon.  In 2016, Dave formed the Prairie Spirit School Division House Band, in which he plays guitar, sings, and provides Artistic Direction.

Andra Wist holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Specializing in percussion, she has played with the University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra, Concert Band, and Percussion Ensemble, as well as various ensembles in Saskatoon, including the Saskatoon Brass Band, Bridge City Brass Band, Sambatoon, the Saskatoon Concert Band, and an all-women’s concert band the Saskatoon Serenade. She has played across Saskatchewan and Alberta, and had the opportunity to perform in California and Europe as well. She recently started teaching band in the Prairie Spirit School Division, in Dalmeny, Dundurn, and Hanley.



Kurtis Burnett was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to a family that valued music. After a brief stint as a clarinet player in the Lion’s Band, he began to teach himself rock drumming after watching a performance in his school. A year later, Kurt and his friends were playing for the school and he was hooked. Countless hours in the garage honing his skills with his friends and recording on an old 4-track paid off as his band, “Neutered Kitty” were invited to play at upwards of two house parties.

After high school Kurt continued his interest in music when he moved to Vancouver to enroll in recording engineering courses at CDIS. After working in different recording studios, and missing AC/DC by one week, Kurt became homesick for -40 winters and came back to Saskatchewan.

While studying to be a teacher, Kurt ended up playing in multiple bands that recorded and toured parts of Western and Northern Canada. This experience was highlighted with a five week residency north of the Arctic Circle at The Mad Trapper in Inuvik, NWT.

Kurt continues to play, write, perform, and record music as a passionate hobby that he doesn’t see ending anytime soon.

Besides loving to play music, Kurt has a voracious appetite for listening, collecting, and patronizing live music. Music is the soundtrack to his life and he can’t wait to see what track comes next.

Kendra Worman has taught Concert Band, Jazz, Choir, Guitar, and Classroom music. As a Music Support Facilitator, Kendra also works to help teachers implement a variety of music education strategies in their classrooms. Kendra is an active musician in Saskatoon, performing on trombone with the Stone Frigate Big Band and the Howlin’ Huskies Pep Band.

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