PSSD House Band

Do you need entertainment for an upcoming event?

The Prairie Spirit School Division House Band led by Dave Carter formed in 2016 and is made up of several staff members of Prairie Spirit School Division.  The PSSD House Band has two main purposes, to model lifelong musicianship to the students we teach and perform with and to have fun doing so!

The PSSD House Band made it’s debut performance at the Resonate Live concert for Music Monday 2016 and has since also performed at the 2016 Resonate Gala.

The House Band has an evolving upbeat classic rock style which includes songs such as Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac), The Weight (The Band), Resonate Theme Song (Original work), and Caravan (Van Morrison) amongst its set list repertoire.

The PSSD House Band is:

  • Dave Carter – Artistic Director, lead guitar, vocals
  • Krisinda Waugh – Vocals
  • Juanita Anderson – Keys, vocals
  • Lori Jeschke – Violin, vocals
  • Josh Janzen – Vocals
  • Wendy Crawford – Guitar, Vocals
  • Heith Drennen – Guitar
  • Brian Knowles – Bass Guitar
  • AJ Ward – Trumpet
  • Shelby Thompson – Vocals
  • Will Martin – Trumpet
  • Kendra Worman – Trombone
  • Kurtis Burnett – Drums, Vocals
  • Andra Wist – Auxiliary Percussion

The PSSD House Band rehearses tirelessly yet with maximum efficiency and joy.  We look forward to challenging ourselves with new material and sharing it with new audiences.

To inquire about bookings, contact Dave at or Kendra at



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