Learning is Everywhere!

Hi everyone,


What a crazy, crazy set of circumstances.  I keep an eye on social media and continue to be blown away by the kindness and caring that is evident between community members in Aberdeen and the surrounding communities.  I read an article that addressed the myth that when disaster strikes, people panic and social order collapses.  Apparently, research shows that people actually get more cooperative, they support each other more and generally, are better to each other than ever.  I am seeing this in different ways every day.  We’re looking forward to re-connecting with you and your kids.


We wanted to make sure you know what the plan is for the next week.  You will have received Prairie Spirit’s Supplemental Learning Plan last week.   Teachers met online this morning.  You can expect a phone call from your teacher on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  We’ll be primarily wanting to check in with you – how is your family handling things?  What might you need?  How can we help?  We’ll also have some specific questions about the logistics for supplemental learning in your context – you can choose to answer these over the phone or on an online form.  Once we collect that data from you, we will need a couple of days to sort out how we are going to best deliver what you need.  You can expect to hear back from your teachers by Friday, April 3rd, explaining how we will get started on the following Monday.


It is so strangely appropriate that our school goal has been around family engagement this year.  Suddenly, parents are thrust into the spotlight of their kids’ education (where some might argue you should always be!) and I’m sure that is experienced differently by all of us.  (Disclaimer – I am not that proud of some of the parenting choices I’ve made over the last week and I’m a little scared at what I’ll have done/said 3 weeks from now…J)  We want to stress that there is no right answer for what learning should look like for your family right now.  You may choose not to engage in any sort of supplemental learning guided by a teacher at ACS.  Maybe you just want your child to be able to talk to a teacher once in a while. Maybe you want to make sure your child is ready for university next year.    Maybe you want to take the lead in teaching your child and just want some resources to make that happen.  Maybe online learning just won’t work for your family and we need to find something else.  Your mental and physical health is our biggest priority and we will work together to create the learning landscape that works best for your family.


As always, please feel welcome to contact me with any questions.  Take care and be well.


Amy Orth



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