Note from Mrs. Orth – April 20th

Hi everyone,

As I look ahead to the next few weeks at ACS, I am reminded of how much has changed in a short period of time.  Can you believe that we were all at school and work less than a month ago?  And what we’ve accomplished together in 2 weeks? I know many of you continue to work outside the home, doing critical work in our communities.  Whether you are a truck driver, grocery store worker, health care provider or any of the other dozens of jobs that we might not recognize are keeping us all safe through this crisis – THANK YOU.

If you or your family need help – with your mental health, with food, or with anything else – please feel welcome to reach out.  The school doesn’t necessarily have everything you need, but we do have access to people and resources that can get what you need.  Being isolated from each other is not what we’re built for and we will continue to reach out to you for as long as this goes on.

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So since we obviously can’t connect with kids and families in the ways we typically do, we have been really working on how to do that during the COVID-19 crisis.  I wanted to highlight a couple of key ideas from Prairie Spirit’s Supplemental Learning Plan guide:

·        You will receive weekly individualized contact (phone, email, Google classroom, See Saw etc) from teachers, in order to support the actualization of your child’s learning plan, if you have chosen to engage at this time.

·        If you are not engaging in supplemental learning right now, we will be in touch with you at least every three weeks.  We will want to check in and see how your family is doing.  Please know that if supplemental learning wasn’t right for your family when we first reached out last week, the door is always open for your kids to join in at any time.  Regardless of how you engage or don’t, we will be ready to meet your child where they’re at when things get back to normal.

·        With regard to assessment, students will receive feedback on the evidence of learning they produce.  In June, students will get a progress report that provides an accurate assessment of all outcomes covered over the course of the year.  For some students, this will be everything completed to March 13, 2020 and for others who participated in supplemental learning, it will include additional outcomes covered between March – June.  All students will be advanced into the next grade in the 2020/21 school year.

Our priorities for students continue to be well-being, growth, connection and community.  This is not “online learning” and parents are not “homeschooling” – we are working together to meet the needs of our kids during a crisis.  The Ministry of Education has communicated that perfection is not the objective of educating students during this pandemic.  The objective is to offer student education as equitably as possible under the circumstances.   We will do this together.

As we get started with “official” supplemental learning, I will continue to communicate updates to you via email.  Also, we will expand our social media footprint to include Instagram (@acscrusaders) and a Facebook page in addition to our Twitter account (@school_aberdeen) We will do some fun stuff there with the main goal of staying connected.

Be well.  We will get through this.

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