School Supplies for 2020/2021

Hi everyone,

This year, we’d like to provide the opportunity for you to purchase your child’s school supplies through a company called School Start.  This service allows you to have everything you need delivered right to you for the same or less than you would pay going out to buy it on your own.  For each K-8 class, supplies have been categorized into a “starter pack” (things you likely need each year) and additional items (things you may already have at home).  The letter attached here:

Aberdeen Composite School (Saskatoon) – 2020 Home Delivery – Parent Letter

explains the process further.  If you prefer to purchase these items on your own, each list is available on the “Supply Lists” page of the “Students and Parents” section on our website.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about school supplies this year.

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