Update from Mrs. Orth – September 4th

Hi everyone,

We wanted to update you about a few brief changes to our safe schools  plan (view our updated Family Handbook and Safe Schools plan under the Safe Schools tab on our website) as we prepare to welcome your kids next week:

  • Students are no longer required to line up according to pick up order.  When boarding the bus after school, they will go directly to their assigned seat. They do not need to line up outside the bus.  Bus drivers will work with administration to create seating plans that support safe transport.
  • Teachers will NOT be tracking when students use the bathrooms, but we will utilize a system to ensure that no more than 3 students are in a bathroom at any one time.
  • We originally thought we might have to purchase additional furniture to ensure that our Sr. Science lab could facilitate our Grade 10 class to be forward facing.  We were able to trade some furniture with the fine folks at Allan school and we now have what we need.

Our SCC meeting earlier this week was well attended and gave some parents the opportunity to share some of their concerns about the return to school.   We appreciated parents who voiced their kids’ worry about not wearing masks correctly or “getting in trouble” for forgetting it or other COVID related mishaps.   Please know that teachers have been working hard to create environments where kids can learn the routines in safe, but caring and even FUN ways.  We know that nothing happens unless kids feel safe and comfortable and that is our #1 goal as we return to school.    This is unchartered territory and we will learn how to handle it together.

Please feel welcome to text or call me with questions or concerns about the upcoming weeks.  On your child’s first day of school, please feel welcome to walk them to their teacher (social distancing from others, of course!) who you will find outside on the playground, with a tall sign with the Grade and teacher’s name.  We know it’s hard not being able to come in the school and see them settled, but you can definitely come up and drop them with the group and say hello to the teacher.

Have a wonderful weekend and we can’t wait to see you!

Mrs. Orth

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