Update from Mrs. Orth – September 18th

Hello parents,


What a great week we’ve had at ACS!  We are settling in well to our new routines and everyone is getting down to the business of learning.  I have been bragging to my family (and anyone else who will listen to me) about how amazing our students are.  They are doing a great job of remembering their masks and keeping distance from each other.  Maybe best of all, those protocols and procedures are becoming less and less of our focus as they become more engrained in our behaviour, leaving us all free to get to the learning.  


I know that many of you are missing the chance to be in the school and to see what your kids are doing and what their classes look like.  We miss you too!  I will aim to put together another video over the weekend, showcasing some of the things that happened this week, so you can “see” what we’re up to.   If you have an updated family picture, please consider emailing it to Crysta, so we can add it to our family bulletin board – one small way we can bring YOU into the school.


We have had a number of students present with symptoms possibly associated with COVID-19.  We are following our procedures outlined in our safe schools plan.  We have had no positive cases of COVID.  If a student or staff member were to test positive, and SK Health were to identify other students as “close contacts,” SK Health would advise and we would send out communication as directed.    It is critical that parents continue to screen their children each morning for symptoms as listed on the SK Health website.  The Ministry of Health has been clear that we are to have no discretion when it comes to assessing symptoms – if a child reports a symptom, we are forced to follow the protocol.  If you child does need to go home, we will do our best to connect with you in to determine if your child will be participating in learning from home.  This is a challenging situation for all of us – thank you for your understanding and support.


I hope you all get a chance to get out and enjoy the amazing weather this weekend!   Take care.

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