Update from Mrs. Orth – October 14th

HI parents,

We wanted to provide a brief update on a few things, following our staff meeting last week.

  • K-8 teachers will begin to distribute lockers over the next couple of weeks in order to facilitate storage of bulky winter gear, since these students are required to go outside at recess and lunch.
  • 9-12 students will not be receiving lockers at this time.  The main reason for this decision is that all of these students have the same schedule (related to their movement around the school) and if we needed to control small groups of kids going to their lockers at different times, much class time would be lost.  Teachers report that having students bring their belongings into the classroom is working quite well and we don’t see a need to change things at this time.
  • Student Led Conferences will take place on October 28th and 29th but they will be conducted virtually unless there is a compelling reason to have a face to face meeting.  Teachers will communicate with you about the medium for these conferences but in most cases, we will likely use Google Meet or phone.  Stay tuned for more information about how to schedule these conferences later this week. If you have a high school aged child, who is completing a course in Q1, you will already have been contacted by that teacher to arrange a conference.
  • Although we are now able to have parents in the school, please note that if you need to enter the building, you should still call ahead and arrange your visit.  Any guests in the building MUST go directly to the office; we have online forms that must be completed by every visitor to support contact tracing, should that become necessary.

As always, please let me or Deane know if you have any questions about any of the items above.

Amy Orth


Aberdeen Composite School

(t) 306-253-4333

(m) 306-260-3921

(w) https://blogs.spiritsd.ca/aberdeenschool/




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