Grade 7-12 Christmas Lunch

Hi families,


As I mentioned in my last message, the SLT (Student Leadership Team) has been working to organize a traditional turkey dinner in lieu of the banquet we would typically serve at the hall.  This year, we have not collected any student fees to cover the cost of this meal so we will be charging $10 per person and the remainder of the meal will be paid for by the SLT.  The meal will be prepared and individually packaged at the ARC and then delivered to each classroom, following all of the COVID protocols. 


If you would like to order lunch on the 18th for your student, please send $10 to school with your student on or before December 11th. Grade 7 and 8 students should take the money to their homeroom teacher and 9-12 should bring their money to the office. 


Teachers will make plans with their students for some fun activities to do during the afternoon of the 18th.  We believe it’s important to give kids a chance to relax, socialize and have fun together, especially when so much of what we regularly do is restricted.  Attendance is expected at school, like any other day.  That said, if you are choosing to excuse your student from school for that afternoon, please call the office as you regularly would.  Please also remind your kids that if they are excused, they should not be hanging out in the parking lot or around the school.  Last year, we had a large group of high school students leave for the afternoon, with no contact from parents and it created quite a bit of work for us to figure out who was supposed to be where.  Thanks for your attention to this. 


Any questions or concerns can be directed my way!

Mrs. Orth

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