Level 4, Snow Days and Attendance

As we continue to transition through this year of change, we wanted to provide as much clarity as possible about when kids are expected to be physically at school, when they have to be physically out of the building, when they are expected to be learning at home and when school days might include a combination of the these.

  • If the school building is open and your child is able to safely get to school, they should do so.  This includes days when busses don’t run.
  • If the school building is open and your child can’t get to school, learning is still happening.  Students/parents are encouraged to check with their teachers through online platforms (See Saw for K-3 and Google Classroom 4-12) and support their child in school work from home when possible.  Please connect with the school to let us know if your child is learning online for the day.
  • If the school is open, your child can’t get to school and learning from home is not possible that day, that’s totally fine!
  • If the school building is closed to students (Level 4)and staff because it’s unsafe to be there (either because of weather conditions or because we’ve been directed by Sask Health), learning will take place via online platforms and students/families should look online (See Saw for K-3 and Google Classroom for 4-12) for the day’s activities.  Days like this would likely include an online meeting or check in and attendance would be taken at that point.  As always, if you would like to excuse your child from school that day, you can call the office and excuse their absence.

Thank you to those of you who have contacted us with feedback about this evolving situation so far and we continue to welcome those calls with questions or further suggestions.

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