Wednesday, September 23

Day 6

  1. High School students are reminded that if you have a spare, you MUST be at the table in the commons area or off of school grounds.  Also, whenever you enter the school, you must wash your hands.
  2. A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.

Monday, September 21

Day 4

  1. On wet days, please remember to have indoor shoes to keep the hallways clean.
  2. A dull mind gets bored easily. A curious mind expands forever.

Wednesday, September 16th

Day 1

  1. RCMP are starting a Youth Advisory Committee for youth, ages 12 – 17. Interested youth should ask the office for an application and submit it by the updated due date of September 21(forms say September 10) to the email provided in the form. There will be weekly Youth Advisory Committee meetings with other youth and an RCMP member in their community, monthly virtual meetings and a summer camp with regional Youth Advisory Committee members and mentors.  The time commitment is approximately 6 hours per month.  The committee recognizes that this is a short turnaround time.

Monday, September 14

Day 5

  1. Welcome back to the first full day of school!  Thank you for doing such an awesome job last week of learning and listening to all the new rules at school.  We know you’ll be excited to have all of your classmates back today.  Please remember to wear your mask when you can’t stay more than 2 meters away from someone, sanitize your hands often and especially before you touch something that your classmates or teacher might need to also touch.  If we work hard to follow these rules, we can look forward to a fun year of learning together at school.
  2. Kayne and Ben please meet Mrs. Orth in the commons area at recess.




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