Office talk

Busy Month Ahead

We are a few days into March and it looks to be a busy month. Jr. curling is winding up and Jr and Sr Badminton has just started. Jr. practices will run Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 3:15. Sr badminton practices will run on Tuesdays at 3:15 and Thursdays starting at 2:15.

March 6-students from grades 4-12 will be going on the annual ski trip (weather permitting).
Parent/Teacher interviews are occurring this month in the evenings-March 12th and March 19th. We will be having something special on March 19th-members of the SCC (School Community Council) will be hosting a Math games session during interviews. Sessions will be according to grade level.

These are only a few important dates. See the calendar for a full listing of what is to come this month.
Have a good week!

Mr. Wandler