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What is reconciliACTION? ReconciliACTION are meaningful actions to move reconciliation forward (  Participating in the Secret Path Week’s activities is one of many ways to continue our journey to reconciliation and to further our learning of residential schools, its impacts onto Canadian society, and deficiencies in the Canadian justice system.  

Secret Path Week is almost here! The official dates are October 17 – 22 to honour and commemorate the legacies of Chanie Wenjack and Gord Downie.  As mentioned in the Secret Path Week memo, the PSSD Music Education Team is a Legacy School, and they organized activities for Secret Path Week.  All grades are invited to participate in the Walk for Wenjack- lace up your sneakers and let’s collectively make some miles (600km, to be exact). You and your classroom are invited to participate in Secret Path Week in the Music Ed’s Google Classroom (aimed for grades 7-12), or you can plan activities and lessons that are tailored to your grade or subject level.  Check out the resources below to see how you and your students can contribute to reconciliACTION:

  • All Grades: Secret Path Week information, schedule, resources and information about how to become a Legacy School is available here:
  • All Grades: The Manitoba Teachers’ Society: Secret Path Lesson Plans
  • Middle Years+: Secret Path Album animated music videos (*full album is over 2 hours long):
  • Middle Years+: Hot Docs Secret Path Week- Three FREE documentaries available for the weeks of October 13-22, and October 19-30. Links are sent to you once you sign up:
  • Grade 6+: Learning Bird resources for Secret Path Week: and teacher resources kit:
  • Grade 5+: Chanie Wenjack Heritage Minute:
  • Grade 5+: Webinar for resources for talking about Secret Path in your classroom:
  • Grade 9+: NFB documentary “nipawistamasowin: We Will Stand Up” by Tasha Hubbard. This documentary examines the deficiencies and systemic racism in the Canadian Justice System by investigating Gerald Stanley’s trial of Colton Boushie’s death. Learning Guide is available; please send an email to me if you are interested.
  • Grade 9+: CBC Gem’s “Finding the Secret Path” episodes:,concert%20from%202016%2C%20right%20here.

Take pictures of your classroom’s learning and send them to me! I’d love to see what you are up to. Of course, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know:

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