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It is beautiful outside, and with the warmer weather, students are wanting to stay at school to play. This is a reminder that they need to go home first to check in with a parent/guardian. Once they have parent permission, they are free to come back and use the outdoor equipment, and we encourage them to do so. Until parental permission has been given, students are the responsibility of the school; thus, they will be instructed to go home first. Please note that the student phone is not used for making after school play dates, but for things like forgetting their lunch or needing a change of clothes.

If bus students wish to stay in Borden to play, they need to make these arrangements prior to 3:10pm with their families. Students are asked to make these arrangements beforehand. Students are sent home on the bus, unless we hear from parents that there has been a change to a student’s after school plans.

As with reporting student absences or for reporting changes to after school arrangements for students, we ask families to call the school and to call the bus driver, if the student rides the bus. It is always a good idea to make two points of contact. If you are picking up your children from school and running late, please send an email or give us a quick call too; our outdoor supervisors at the end of the day appreciate being informed.

The safety of our students is always our main concern and with the many, many things that can happen in a day – substitute teachers, changes in plans, text messages not going through to the receiver – we feel that communication is of the utmost importance.