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Principal’s Message – January 2018   arrow

Parents, students, and community members,

We are partway through January, and a lot of exciting events are coming up at Borden School! Final exams for high school students start on January 25th, and grade 7-12 progress reports go home on February 7th. The first two weeks of February involve a scuba diving field trip, a budgeting presentation by Affinity Credit Union, and a puppet show from Wide Open Theatre. With so much going on, the winter break will be upon us in no time!

As we near the halfway mark of the year, I would like to remind everyone about the school goal that we are working toward. As a staff, we want to help students to become independent, confident, and successful problem-solvers by encouraging them to utilize comprehension strategies. These strategies include:

Strategy Explanation Example
Making Connections Thinking about how a problem relates to the student or to something they’ve already learned. Spelling a new word by thinking about similar words.
Asking Questions Students might wonder about what they’re learning and ask questions to themselves or a peer. Stopping during a math problem to think about whether the steps are making sense.
Making Inferences We encourage students to make assumptions based on available evidence. Using information about a historical event to predict what the outcome might be.
Determining Importance This could include identifying key pieces of information and trying to eliminate details that might not be relevant. Creating a study guide based on the things that students spent the most time learning about.
Using Resources Students have access to textbooks, the internet, peers, parents, and many other sources of information. Getting stuck on a math problem at home, and then finding a similar problem in the textbook.
Visualizing It often helps for students to draw diagrams, create webs, or watch videos to help learn new ideas. Creating a timeline of events to better understand a complicated novel.
Synthesizing Collecting holistic information and piecing it all together can help students understand complex ideas. Representing a 3-digit number using base-ten blocks, words, and a diagram.

We hope that parents will help us by using this vocabulary at home, and encourage students to solve problems on their own before providing them with assistance. As staff continue to track evidence related to our school goal, we will hopefully see an increase in student persistence and critical-thinking skills!

Our next School Community Council meeting is on Tuesday, January 23rd. I want to thank the SCC members for their continued hard work – once again, this year’s Christmas banquet was a huge success! The next big event that the SCC will help coordinate is our “Borden School’s Got Talent” night which is scheduled for March 15th. We will be encouraging students to showcase their talents through performance and artwork. If you would like to be part of planning this event, or contribute to the SCC in any other way, please feel free to join us on Tuesday.

As always, our staff are focused on implementing the ideas highlighted in the My Prairie Spirit Classroom document, and we all come to work each day excited about engaging students in fun and meaningful ways. I am already looking forward to the second semester and all of the creative learning that will occur in our school. Have a great January and February!


Mr. Mitch Luiten