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Principal’s Message – June 2017   arrow

Parents, students, and community members,

As we head into June, with only a few weeks left in the school year, it seems like a great time to thank many of the people and groups who have made this such a successful year at Borden School.

I’d like to start with our staff, all of whom worked tirelessly this year to create positive, exciting, and productive learning environments for our students. Our teachers participated in an unprecedented number of professional development opportunities, and really pushed themselves to try new things in their classrooms. Many of them were especially committed to changing the way that they teach and assess math, which resulted in high levels of student engagement. Our EAs adapted to new roles with students in nearly all grades, and also logged an incredible number of extra-curricular hours. Without them, we would not have been able to offer nearly as many opportunities for students as we did. Mrs. Lukan continued to run the central hub of our school, and I can’t thank her enough for all of the work and support that she has provided in the office. Her work on the website has made it our primary way to communicate with parents and community members – this emphasis will continue next year as we work to decrease paper communication and encourage frequent visits to the site.

I want to send a special thanks to a few staff members who took on challenging roles in our school this year, but will be continuing their journey elsewhere in the fall. Miss Fisher, Miss Lundquist, and Mr. Troupe all became a huge part of our staff and school community, and we wish them all the best in their educational futures!

Our School Community Council also deserves a big thank-you for helping to provide our students with so many outstanding learning opportunities this year. Their commitment to our school allowed us to host our “Borden School’s Got Talent” night, send 10 entire grades to the Science Center in Regina, bring together all of our students for an epic Christmas feast, and welcome a variety of meaningful guest speakers into our building. As students look back on all of the unique learning experiences that they had this year, I hope that they understand that many of them would have been impossible without the help and support of our SCC.

My first year as principal in Borden would not have been nearly as interesting or as rewarding without the diverse students that make up our school. I want to thank them for their dedication to learning, their willingness to accept feedback, and their propensity for growth. There is no doubt that we had our challenges along the way, but our students in Borden are the kind of kids that all teachers and principals dream of working with throughout their career. As another class of graduates leaves our school, we wish them the best and thank them for the distinct mark that they will leave on Borden when they’re gone.

Our school community is filled with other people to thank, all of whom have helped to make 2016/2017 an exceptional year. Parents, local businesses (with a special thanks to Kevin and the Co-op for donating backpacks to all of the students), and community organizations (including the Lions, who are consistent supporters of many school events) all have a meaningful impact on the learning that occurs here, and I cannot thank each of them enough. Participation in school activities, financial support, and ongoing communication help to keep our school strongly connected to the community that surrounds it!

2017/2018 will certainly be another exciting year of change at Borden School. We will have some changes in staff, a new group of kindergarten students, and renewed goals for student learning. I hope that everyone is looking forward to it as much as I am!

Let’s all encourage students to work hard over this last month, and maintain a focus on learning despite all of the other great things that are going on. Summer vacation will be here before we know it, and I hope that all students will be able to look back on the year feeling proud of what they accomplished.

Thanks, and have a great June!

Mr. Mitch Luiten