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Principal’s Message – March 2018   arrow

Parents, students, and community members,

When we talk about busy and exciting times in the school year, we tend to think of the fall, the Christmas season, and the month of June. In Borden, March is becoming a real contender. Not only do we try to squeeze in as much learning as possible between February break and the Easter holiday, but this month is also filled with fun and important events.

  • Badminton season starts for our grade 6-12 students, and is a sport that nearly all eligible students take part in.
  • Junior curling playoffs are March 9-10, and this year we have entered a boys’ team and a girls’ team.
  • Our school ski trip is on March 1, and this year 85% of our grade 5-12 students are hitting the slopes.
  • Our grade 3s will be on a field trip on March 21, and high school students will again participate in a presentation from MADD on March 26.

In addition to this, grade K-6 progress reports go home on March 15 and K-12 parent-teacher-student conferences are on March 22. By the time the next break arrives, staff and students will be ready for some time to relax and recharge!

Perhaps the biggest school event coming up this month is our 2nd annual “Borden School’s Got Talent” night on March 15th. We are incredibly proud of the contributions that students make to this event, including a variety of exciting performances and an amazing array of silent auction items. We often don’t get a chance to see many of these talents within our regular school days, so it is exciting to acknowledge the many extra-curricular interests that are a huge part of our students’ lives. Community support for this event is outstanding – last year we raised over $2000 in funding to put toward equipment, special events, extra-curricular activities, and transportation. Through the donation of food items and ticket sales, local community members are helping to provide unique opportunities that their children will remember forever. I look forward to seeing all of you there, and ask that you continue to pre-buy tickets until the March 6th deadline!

It is with bittersweet feelings that we say a temporary goodbye to Mrs. Allison Dyck as she is now off on maternity leave – we are sad to have her leave us, but excited for her to welcome a son or daughter later this month! Mrs. Sofia Quijada will be working in the K/1 room for the month of March, until Mrs. Jennifer Doratti returns from her maternity leave after the Easter break. In addition, Mrs. Jackie Locke will be rejoining us in April on a part-time basis and will be working with students in all of our elementary classrooms.

As always, I want to include in my letter a special thanks to the Borden School Community Council. Their dedication is what makes it possible for the staff and students of Borden School to participate in a learning community that we should all be very proud of. They fill a variety of critical roles, including:

  • Planning and coordinating special events (including our upcoming talent night).
  • Acting as liaisons between the school and community.
  • Influencing school goals and student learning plans.
  • Participating in educational activities alongside staff and students.

Without a dedicated, responsive SCC, the school and community would not have the positive relationship that we do. As we gradually near the end of this year, I encourage all parents to consider joining the SCC for 2018/2019, and to connect with current SCC members to learn more about the benefits of being highly engaged in your child’s education. At our last principal’s meeting, UofS professor Debbie Pushor reminded us all about the impact that parents can have when they become an integral part of their child’s education – we have a highly engaged parent contingent in Borden, and I look forward to working with many more of you in the future!

Have a great March and enjoy the warm weather that is (hopefully) on its way!

Mr. Mitch Luiten