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Principal’s Message – November 2017   arrow

Principal’s Message November 2017

Parents, students, and community members,

The start of November always seems to bring the first thoughts of winter! I know that many of us aren’t quite ready for the snow to come, but life in Saskatchewan means it is inevitable. It’s time for winter jackets, mitts, scarves, and boots – please make sure that students are prepared to go outside for recess.

Our staff have been working diligently to help students get into problem-solving mode. As a school, we are focused this year on helping students to become independent and resilient learners – our goal is to help them utilize strategies for solving problems on their own. This includes:

  • Curricular problems. We want students to think of ways to understand new concepts/questions without automatically asking for help. This might include making connections to prior learning experiences or making inferences about what a question might be asking them to do.
  • Social/emotional challenges. We know that students have the ability to mitigate many issues without requiring the help of an adult. For example, they might want to determine what is really important to them during an argument with a peer, and find a way to resolve their disagreement based on a compromise.
  • Everyday obstacles. Students need to problem-solve when working with money, finding directions, acquiring supplies, and in many other instances on a daily basis. If we can help them develop strategies for overcoming these obstacles, hopefully they can develop into resourceful and responsible citizens.

We are imbedding problem-solving skills into all of the learning that occurs at Borden School, and will continuously monitor the progress of our students so that we know our work is making a difference!

The start of November also means that we have an abundance of exciting events coming up at school. Our senior girls’ volleyball team starts their playoff run on November 4th in Plenty – we wish them luck on the journey to provincials on November 18th. Grade 9-12 students are attending the “See Your Future” career fair in Saskatoon on November 6th, a fantastic opportunity for all of them to start investigating possible pathways. We have our annual “Book and a Bagel Day” for K-6 students on November 16th, a drug awareness field trip for grade 6-8s on November 22nd, and our fall book fair on November 22nd. I am continuously impressed by the willingness of our staff and SCC to plan exciting learning experiences for our students and want to thank them for their continued dedication to school activities!

The month of November always gives us an opportunity to stop and think about the impact that local and national conflict have on our world. Students spend time in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day learning about the contributions that soldiers, peacekeepers, volunteers, and innumerable others have made to providing us with a safe nation that we are proud to call home. Please feel free to join us on Wednesday, November 8th as we commemorate Remembrance Day with a service at 10:45am in our gymnasium.

As always, I encourage members of our community to get involved in school events. We appreciate community input regarding student learning, activities, fundraising, and athletics – our monthly SCC meetings provide a great occasion for parents to have an impact on the education that their children receive. Our next meeting is at 5pm on Tuesday, November 8th, and I really hope to see some additional parents at the table.

I hope that everyone has a great November – before we know it, the Christmas break will be here! In the meantime, continue to encourage your children to learn, participate, and cooperate to the best of their ability. Borden School is a great place to be!

Mr. Mitch Luiten