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Principal’s Message – Sept. 2017   arrow

Students, parents, and community members,

I can’t believe that I’m already writing my second principal’s “Welcome Back” message! It seems like just yesterday that I moved into my office and sat here thinking about what to write at the start of a new school year. Since then, I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a school community and very grateful for the warm welcome that I received in 2016/2017. I have no doubt that this year will be equally as exciting – staff members have been here all week and the enthusiasm in our hallways is already infectious. I truly believe that we are all very lucky to be part of such an incredible school!

As we start the new school year, I want to welcome and introduce our staff. Mrs. Allison Dyck will be working with the grade K/1 students this year, Mrs. Terri Troupe-Logue with the grade 3s, Miss Baylee Gabora with the grade 5/6 class, and Mr. Shaun Dyck will teach most of the high school ELA and social studies classes. Rejoining our staff this year, and teaching in the grade 2/4 classroom, is Miss Kim Picard. Mrs. Nicole Kaufmann, returning this fall from maternity leave, is teaching most of the math, science, and PE to our grade 7-12 students. We are excited to welcome a new intern from the University of Saskatchewan to our school this year – Miss Brenna Kirwan will be working alongside Miss Gabora until the Christmas break. Our dynamic EA duo, Mrs. Linda Yuskiw and Mrs. Sheri Sutherland, continue with us this year in providing much needed to support to learners throughout our building. I want to start the year with a special thanks to Mrs. Marylee Mikituk, who got our school into tip-top shape over the summer, and to Mrs. Angelena Lukan, who has already put in countless hours getting the office ready for another school year.

As is the case every year, our staff have chosen a key target to focus on as we plan our learning activities. This year, our school goal is focused on integrating seven main comprehension strategies into all aspects of student life – these comprehension strategies are traditionally used in ELA classes, but will now become a part of all subject areas and beyond! The strategies are: making connections; asking questions; visualizing; determining importance; making inferences; solving problems; and synthesizing. Our hope is to help students utilize these strategies to become more independent, resilient, and persistent learners, and to help improve their overall problem-solving skills. We are all excited about the power that this school goal could have in helping students to build critical life skills!

More information about our school goal, as well as all other aspects of life at Borden School, will be posted on our school website (https://blogs.spiritsd.ca/bordenschool/). This year, we will really be emphasizing the use of our website for parents, students, and community members to acquire information about what is happening at school. If anyone ever needs additional forms, wants to check the school calendar, is looking for daily announcements, or wants to find contact information for our staff, they can get all of the information that they need on the website. Our hope is that by the end of this year, all members of our school community will be using the website on a regular basis!

Our first School Community Council (SCC) meeting is on Tuesday, September 19th at 5pm. I strongly encourage all interested community members to join us at this meeting, whether or not you would like to join the SCC, to learn about all of the amazing things that are happening this year at Borden School. Participating in SCC meetings is a great way to contribute to our school, and also to have an impact on the choices that we make regarding student learning.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have about our school. As well, our staff are always happy to speak with parents and students about academics, behavior, or other aspects of school life – please do not hesitate to open the lines of communication early so that they can be maintained for the duration of the school year. As summer holidays end this week and the 2017/2018 school year begins, I hope that you are all as eager and excited as we are to learn, grow, and experience success at Borden School!

Mr. Mitch Luiten