"Achieving Success Together"

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Contact Info     Phone: 1 (306) 997-2090

Email: brody.morris@spiritsd.ca

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Name: Brody Morris
Position: Principal
E-mail: brody.morris@spiritsd.ca

Name: Angelena Lukan
Position: Administrative Assistant
E-mail: angelena.lukan@spiritsd.ca

Name: Marylee Mikituk
Position: Custodian
E-mail: marylee.mikituk@spiritsd.ca

Name: Gina Moir
Position: Teacher – K/SERT
E-mail: gina.moir@spiritsd.ca

Name: Kailey Barnstable
Position: Teacher – K-2
E-mail: kailey.barnstable@spiritsd.ca

Name: Terri Troupe-Logue
Position: Teacher – 3/4
E-mail: terri.troupe-logue@spiritsd.ca

Name: Blair Biech
Position: Teacher – 5/6
E-mail: blair.biech@spiritsd.ca

Name: MacKenzie Martell
Position: Teacher – Elementary, Middle Years, and High School
E-mail: mackenzie.martell@spiritsd.ca

Name: Nicole Kaufmann
Position: Teacher – Elementary, Middle Years, and High School
E-mail:  nicole.kaufmann@spiritsd.ca

Position: Teacher – PAA (Industrial Arts)
E-mail:  @spiritsd.ca

Name: Rebecca Ryde
Position: Teacher – PAA (Home Ec.)
E-mail:  rebecca.ryde@spiritsd.ca

Name: Linda Yuskiw
Position: Educational Associate
E-mail: linda.yuskiw@spiritsd.ca

Name: April Rothenburger
Position: Educational Associate
E-mail: april.rothenburger@spiritsd.ca

Bus Drivers: Chanda Chabot, Penny Fairbrother, and Dorothy Whitbread

Driver Education:  Sam Vaidya