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2016 - 2017

Math Storytelling

The Kinders love creating stories and have wonderful imaginations. After feeling stuck and not completely happy with my math program, I began to explore how to combine storytelling with math and was able to see it in action during a… Continue Reading →

The Colours of our Emotions

After returning from the Christmas break, we had to refresh our minds on the Zones work that was started previously. One morning I had the Kinders sign in to class according to how they were feeling that morning when they… Continue Reading →

Melting Ice

As we have continued to explore many winter related topics, snow and ice was of interest to the Kinders. Due to many days of extreme cold temperatures, we were unable to go outside so decided to bring the outside into… Continue Reading →

Let it Snow.

The cold has hit us and the weather has caused many indoor recesses. The Kinders have been saying they wish there was more snow and that the weather wasn’t so cold so they could play outside. I decided to bring… Continue Reading →

Oh, Christmas Tree!

During our morning sharing circle, many of the Kinders were excited to share that they had Christmas trees set up at home and that they enjoyed helping to decorate them. This led to many Christmas tree themed activities, such as… Continue Reading →

The Zones of Regulation

We have been discussing our feelings and how we express them. The Zones of Regulation were introduced in Kinder, and are used widely throughout our school. An invitation was set our during discovery each morning, to further the discussions about… Continue Reading →

Busy in the Kitchen

Our Kitchen area is a popular center during discovery time each morning. Real food items have been slowly introduced into this area, and the Kinders have expanded their creativity through exploring these items. The students who have been engaging in… Continue Reading →

Our Fish Friend, Fin!

A while ago, E brought her pet fish for show and share. Everyone was so excited for the fish to join us for a day. A few days later, our classroom received a gift from E – a pet fish… Continue Reading →

How are you Feeling Today?!

An invitation has been set our during discovery for the last while to explore our different feelings and help students connect feelings to a visual representation using loose parts. Many of them are able to make connections of their own… Continue Reading →

Sharing Circles

Last week during morning meeting I read a book called, “Grandmother, what is a sharing circle?”. The Kinders quickly made connections from this practice of the First Nations people to the sharing we do daily in morning meeting. The book… Continue Reading →

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