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November 2016

Our Fish Friend, Fin!

A while ago, E brought her pet fish for show and share. Everyone was so excited for the fish to join us for a day. A few days later, our classroom received a gift from E – a pet fish… Continue Reading →

How are you Feeling Today?!

An invitation has been set our during discovery for the last while to explore our different feelings and help students connect feelings to a visual representation using loose parts. Many of them are able to make connections of their own… Continue Reading →

Sharing Circles

Last week during morning meeting I read a book called, “Grandmother, what is a sharing circle?”. The Kinders quickly made connections from this practice of the First Nations people to the sharing we do daily in morning meeting. The book… Continue Reading →

Because We Care

During one of our morning meetings last week, W shared that his pet sheep has been sick. The next day back, W shared this again. By the end of the meeting, his classmates and him had many discussions about how… Continue Reading →

Working Together

Today M brought a teddy bear for show and share. During play, she decided to build it a house using the large blocks. Half an hour later, the entire class was involved constructing different areas of the house, including traps… Continue Reading →

I Spy Numbers

We have began investigating numbers with spaces and materials around us. We decided to go on a hunt around our school to see where numbers could be found. The Kinders started looking for digits then expanded to counting things they… Continue Reading →


As our pattern unit was beginning to wind down, the Kinders had been showing interest of building patterns into towers and working together during explore time. We decided to create a town as a class, and have both K groups… Continue Reading →

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