A while ago, E brought her pet fish for show and share. Everyone was so excited for the fish to join us for a day. A few days later, our classroom received a gift from E – a pet fish of our own, named Fin! Both Kinder classes have enjoyed having him as part of our Kindergarten family each day. We take turns feeding him, and he has been part of many group discussions. The other day, a few students were discussing how he must be lonely so they placed some toy fish beside him. We made a display with blue fabric to represent water, some fish for him to look at as well as magnifying glasses so we can explore him and his actions. Fin has been a centerpiece around conversations regarding kindness, respect and understanding of feelings. He has also created a sense of curiosity among the students and they have been working together to come up with answers to their questions. Our latest – “Can Fin hear? Does he have ears?”