Last week during morning meeting I read a book called, “Grandmother, what is a sharing circle?”. The Kinders quickly made connections from this practice of the First Nations people to the sharing we do daily in morning meeting. The book referenced using a talking stick during sharing circle, and many of the students thought it would be a good idea to use one. Next day, I read “Grandmother, what is a talking stick for?” which talked about showing respect to the person who is talking. An invitation was set out to both classes to help design talking sticks to use in our class sharing circles throughout the day. Some beautiful painting of sticks took place, and details such as feathers and ribbon were added to reflect the pictures observed in the books. I am impressed with the independence my students are showing such as doing a painting project without instruction and with minimal supervision. Even with making a huge mess, J and M worked together to create one talking stick and laughed about the fun of messes. I am learning to step back and see the excitement and engagement beyond the look of the environment around it. We are excited to continue our practice of sharing circles and using our beautiful talking sticks.

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