Our Kitchen area is a popular center during discovery time each morning. Real food items have been slowly introduced into this area, and the Kinders have expanded their creativity through exploring these items. The students who have been engaging in the kitchen each morning have become more comfortable with making messes and embracing this as part of learning. I have also been so proud of their independence in cleaning up after themselves and working together through conversation.


Cutting and squishing grapes


Cutting strawberries and cooking “jam”


Working together to make sticky dough


Combining spices and tea to create “soup”. “It smells yummy!”


After fillng up the play sink with water, W realized it could not be emptied. He used a cup to empty as much as he could. When I asked him how he could get the rest out, he realized that his cloth was soaking up lots of it. He began ringing out the water, and did this over and over to get every drop of water out of the sink. Great problem solving strategy!


After playing in the kitchen, B and M chose to do the dishes for everyone. They filled up the sink with soap and water, “just like mom does at home!”. They delegated jobs to wash and dry, then washed down the table. Both boys were so proud of their hard work.