After returning from the Christmas break, we had to refresh our minds on the Zones work that was started previously. One morning I had the Kinders sign in to class according to how they were feeling that morning when they arrived to school. They used eye droppers and coloured water to represent each zone. The eye droppers were a new tool presented to them and they quickly discovered how to use them, while teaching each other. By having a simple invitation to explore, the possibilities of what it could extend to were endless. The students interests in the coloured water led in different ways, creating new learning.

These students were discussing the zones as they talked about their feelings. During this time I heard, “You can’t say you’re a colour that you aren’t actually feeling!!” It was great to hear and see students becoming comfortable with this concept and becoming truthful to identifying their emotions.

After signing in for the day, a few students began mixing the colours together. The next day I set this out again, but this time included a mirror for a different effect. After some water spilled onto the mirror, J observed that they didn’t combine the same as they did in the cups, instead she could see a rainbow form within the water drops. J then began to make predictions about how rainbows are created in the sky.