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Because We Care

During one of our morning meetings last week, W shared that his pet sheep has been sick. The next day back, W shared this again. By the end of the meeting, his classmates and him had many discussions about how… Continue Reading →

Working Together

Today M brought a teddy bear for show and share. During play, she decided to build it a house using the large blocks. Half an hour later, the entire class was involved constructing different areas of the house, including traps… Continue Reading →

I Spy Numbers

We have began investigating numbers with spaces and materials around us. We decided to go on a hunt around our school to see where numbers could be found. The Kinders started looking for digits then expanded to counting things they… Continue Reading →


As our pattern unit was beginning to wind down, the Kinders had been showing interest of building patterns into towers and working together during explore time. We decided to create a town as a class, and have both K groups… Continue Reading →


We have had pumpkins around our classroom for the past few weeks and the Kinders have been very curious about them. We decided to do some pumpkin investigating. We learned about the pumpkin lifecycle, measured a pumpkin, drew a picture,… Continue Reading →

We Are Artists

  Our school has began celebrating Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday by discussing why we love our town. To prepare for a community mural being designed, we have been practicing brainstorming ideas. Today we began painting our ideas of our favourite… Continue Reading →


  We have been busy learning about patterns in math. We have been talking about the pattern rules, using manipulatives to create patterns and relating each pattern to ABC. The Kinders have been noticing patterns all over the school and… Continue Reading →

Fall Leaves

The Kinders are excited as the seasons change. We decided to go on a nature walk to talk about the weather and collect leaves, seeing how many different shapes and colours we could find. As we gathered our pieces of… Continue Reading →


  This week we have started talking about the colour wheel and exploring what happens when you mix primary colours. I set out this invitation to explore during play. The kids love squishing the paint around the bags and watching… Continue Reading →

Great Ideas

  I am constantly amazed by the great ideas I have been hearing from the Kinders. This week, J brought a puzzle to me and said “Look what I put back together! Maybe you should take a picture of it… Continue Reading →

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