Looking ahead at our week! Today we had a great day of self reflection. The students completed several self- assessments in regards to their learning behaviors, as well as reflecting on their school community entitled, All About Me At School. They also completed their selfie profiles  for their portfolios. Today we listened to a story, Shi-Shi-Etko ,and shared our thoughts during the reading of the book. The ideas that were generated were amazing. We indeed have great thinkers in this class.

Today we were able to enjoy our new pods. New pod-mates, new places to sit in the classroom, and a new classroom formation with groups that can all work together to achieve the same goal.

We have Parent Student Teacher Interviews on Tuesday and Thursday this week . Please refer to the note I sent home with your child. It is very important that your child is present for the interviews as their learning will be our topic of conversation. Thank-you to everyone that has signed up. I`m looking forward to seeing you at interviews.

Math test on Patterns will be on Thursday, Oct.4th. The students have been improving on their pattern language as well as being able to display their own patterns and explain them in their own words.

We are looking forward to watching the grade 8`s share their drama production with us tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct.2nd.We will have an early recess, and then enjoy the entertainment provided by the Grade 8`s.