Looking Ahead at our week Oct.15th-19th

We have 5 days of learning together this week. Our classroom theme we are working on for the next month is “Relationships”. We will be studying this in Health as well as looking at picture books related to Relationships. We will continue to use our strategy of inferring to make sense of pictures and what they might mean to each of us. In Math we are learning about place value, and we are able to build 4 digit numbers and order them form least to greatest. It’s great to work in groups and share our learnings with one other. Today we were able to brainstorm 42 words(as a class) working on the Word Family Long I sound with the pattern i_e. We are awesome at creating our word families and we work together as a family in 3P! Sending and receiving in Gym has been our focus for the week and we are also learning about the qualities of good sportsmanship. Structures, and continents will be our areas of study in Science and Social Studies.

Please return Pattern Math assessments, Halloween dance sheets, and weekly self reflection sheet from Friday, Oct.12th.

Student in the Spotlight time lines for presenting will be sent home with your child on Wednesday, Oct.17th as several students were absent the day we made our list. Please look for the “Relationship Table Display” informational note that will be sent home on Tuesday, Oct.16th.

Have a wonderful week!