Good evening everyone.
We had a wonderful week of learning last week. Some of our highlights of learning were inferring, learning the names of the 7 continents, our word families( with the Long I sound), creating our Trees Of Life, and starting to create our relationship table. We also had a fire drill last week, and practiced our lock down procedures.Friday was fabulous as we got our buckets filled. I love “Bucket Filling Friday”!

This week we will be working on greater than and less than in Math as well as estimation skills. We know that our alligator likes to have lunch and munch the larger numbers. In Readers Workshop we will be working on our relationship books with our partners and after we are finished inferring we will share the main ideas of our books. Writing will be all about the “Hamburger” model. Topic sentence, supporting details, and concluding sentence.We will be doing a lot of practice on creating wonderful grade 3 writing hamburgers. Structures will be a topic of conversation in Science. Tension, compression, and center of gravity will be our focus this week. What does it mean when we stretch an elastic band?

I’m excited to start our passports to the world in Social Studies. We will travel the continents together and learn about interesting facts as we land on each continent.

Our Halloween dance is on Thursday, October 25th.Thank-you to everyone that has handed in their sheets.

This is the first week for Student in the Spotlight, and we are so looking forward to Aubrey’s sharing. I can’t wait to learn more about Aubrey. Thank-you to Aubrey for signing up first and being willing to share all about herself.

It’s going to be a great week of learning.
Please see the attached pictures of our “Trees Of Life” , Gustav Klimit, bulletin board, as well as our relationship table.