A look at our week Oct.29th-Nov.2nd

We were very busy in 3P this week! We had a special presentation on Tuesday by Kipptyn. He was the “Student in the Spotlight”! I can’t believe how much we learned about him, and the book he read to us was amazing! He was able to stop and ask us questions throughout his book. It was so enjoyable to hear a new story, listen to his reading, and watch him engage all of us with his questions. On the afternoon of October 30th , we were able to connect with our care partners and carve pumpkins. Some were scary, toothless, happy and ghostly; but all were unique. Our care partners enjoy working with us, and we also enjoy them. They are so helpful, kind, and positive.

Our word study family this week was the long U vowel sound with the patterns, oo, ew, and u_e. We continue to improve on word study every week. I have learned so many new words this week that follow these patterns.

Questions are always a good way to start a new concept. What does Remembrance Day mean to me? What does peace look look like? Thank-you to those students that were interviewed by the grade 7’s in regards to these questions. We all had amazing thoughts and we will continue to share our thoughts in our classroom.

Team work was part of our Math lessons this week….what a great way to interact with one another; matching cubes, flats, rods and units with the corresponding number written in standard form. We all worked so cooperatively in our groups. Great work Grade 3!!!!

Our Social Studies assessment on oceans, continents, and comprehension questions will be on Wednesday, November 7th. An outline for the assessment will be e-mailed on Friday, Nov.2nd.

I am LOVING our scholar dollars!!!! Our wallets are amazing; and many teams are breaking the bank on a daily basis. Please ask your child about scholar dollars. TEAM Power and CLASSROOM Power!

We reflected on our pieces of Art work this week, Tree of Life. These reflections will be placed in our portfolios. We will begin our classroom wreath On Friday.

Structures are fun, interesting, and exciting to learn about. We will be doing several on-line labs related to materials, weight, shapes and loads. We will need to have our “STRUCTURE” thinking brains in high gear!

Our learning community that consists of students, teachers, EAS, parents/care givers,and extended family members is AWESOME!