November 13th-16th

Hello everyone. I trust you all had a wonderful long weekend and were able to take some time to remember this Remembrance Day weekend. It is another short week , and we look forward to do some reflecting of our own. 2 key questions the students will think about this week is “What do good writers do?” as well as, “What do I know about myself as a reader?” In Math we are continuing with place value and learning to represent numbers in many different ways. We will be using several parts of the textbook to complete some of this work. In Science we are continuing to learn about Structures and begin our “word wall” ,bank of words, we have learned thus far related to structures. Our next few mini lessons will focus on Bridges and we may even get to build our own bridges in groups.In Social Studies we will be looking at map grids and finding specific locations of certain objects and places.We continue to focus on building a healthy culture within our classroom and what it looks like on the playground and in our school. Our lessons this week will use role playing and partner work to help us better understand how to communicate with others if something is bothering us. We will continue to infer through our various books, and we will begin to look at questioning.In gym we are focusing on team work, sportsmanship, fair play, including everyone and how important it is to have fun while being active.

A few things to take note of this week:

  • continents and oceans assessment will be sent home on Tuesday, Nov.13th for you to look at and sign and then send it back to school to be either placed in their portfolios or folders.
  • Mykah is “Student in the Spotlight” this week. We look forward to Mykah’s sharing on Tuesday, Nov.13th.
  • Please continue to track reading on the reading logs that were sent home.
  • Please send back Skating sheets as our first skating date is next week. If you are able to volunteer to help tie skates; that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Pizza lunch is Thursday, Nov.15th.

Have a wonderful week!