November 13th-16th

Hello everyone. I trust you all had a wonderful long weekend and were able to take some time to remember this Remembrance Day weekend. It is another short week , and we look forward to do some reflecting of our own. 2 key questions the students will think about this week is “What do good writers do?” as well as, “What do I know about myself as a reader?” In Math we are continuing with place value and learning to represent numbers in many different ways. We will be using several parts of the textbook to complete some of this work. In Science we are continuing to learn about Structures and begin our “word wall” ,bank of words, we have learned thus far related to structures. Our next few mini lessons will focus on Bridges and we may even get to build our own bridges in groups.In Social Studies we will be looking at map grids and finding specific locations of certain objects and places.We continue to focus on building a healthy culture within our classroom and what it looks like on the playground and in our school. Our lessons this week will use role playing and partner work to help us better understand how to communicate with others if something is bothering us. We will continue to infer through our various books, and we will begin to look at questioning.In gym we are focusing on team work, sportsmanship, fair play, including everyone and how important it is to have fun while being active.

A few things to take note of this week:

  • continents and oceans assessment will be sent home on Tuesday, Nov.13th for you to look at and sign and then send it back to school to be either placed in their portfolios or folders.
  • Mykah is “Student in the Spotlight” this week. We look forward to Mykah’s sharing on Tuesday, Nov.13th.
  • Please continue to track reading on the reading logs that were sent home.
  • Please send back Skating sheets as our first skating date is next week. If you are able to volunteer to help tie skates; that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Pizza lunch is Thursday, Nov.15th.

Have a wonderful week!


Hello everyone:
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a chance to enjoy our plus temperatures before the temperature drops this week. Please make sure and send gloves, toques, mittens, boots with your child. It’s important that they stay warm during their breaks. We have a short week; but a very busy one.

I am away on Monday, Nov.5th, for an ILO so therefore there will be a sub in our classroom. We will be creating and delivering our messages for our bucket filling Friday as we did not get time to do this last Friday. We also have Gym today and we are excited for Carter’s presentation this week for, “Student in the Spotlight”. Aubrey and Kipptyn have presented thus far and their presentations were amazing. I have enjoyed all of the amazing things I have learned about each of them. Their favorite books they read to us were amazing!!! We had a lot of questions.

On Tuesday, Nov.6th, we get to listen to our wonderful choir at a singing assembly beginning at 11:15. I know we have a lot of wonderful singers in our room ; and I can’t wait to hear their beautiful voices.Carter will be presenting his “Student in the Spotlight” to us at the end of the day. I’m looking forward to finding out what his favorite book is.We need to review our continents and oceans for our assessment on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7th , we will be participating in our Remembrance Day service. Our service will begin at 9:30 for K-4. We created a wonderful wreath that represents a lot of team work , but it truly reflects what we are thankful for on Remembrance Day. We have been studying the poem, “In Flanders Fields”, and learning about what peace means to all of us.We will complete our continents and oceans assessment in the afternoon.

Thursday, Nov.8th- Teacher Prep Day- No school for students.
Friday, Nov.9th-Day in Lieu for PTS interviews- No school.
Monday, Nov.12th- No school.

Have a wonderful week!

A look at our week Oct.29th-Nov.2nd

We were very busy in 3P this week! We had a special presentation on Tuesday by Kipptyn. He was the “Student in the Spotlight”! I can’t believe how much we learned about him, and the book he read to us was amazing! He was able to stop and ask us questions throughout his book. It was so enjoyable to hear a new story, listen to his reading, and watch him engage all of us with his questions. On the afternoon of October 30th , we were able to connect with our care partners and carve pumpkins. Some were scary, toothless, happy and ghostly; but all were unique. Our care partners enjoy working with us, and we also enjoy them. They are so helpful, kind, and positive.

Our word study family this week was the long U vowel sound with the patterns, oo, ew, and u_e. We continue to improve on word study every week. I have learned so many new words this week that follow these patterns.

Questions are always a good way to start a new concept. What does Remembrance Day mean to me? What does peace look look like? Thank-you to those students that were interviewed by the grade 7’s in regards to these questions. We all had amazing thoughts and we will continue to share our thoughts in our classroom.

Team work was part of our Math lessons this week….what a great way to interact with one another; matching cubes, flats, rods and units with the corresponding number written in standard form. We all worked so cooperatively in our groups. Great work Grade 3!!!!

Our Social Studies assessment on oceans, continents, and comprehension questions will be on Wednesday, November 7th. An outline for the assessment will be e-mailed on Friday, Nov.2nd.

I am LOVING our scholar dollars!!!! Our wallets are amazing; and many teams are breaking the bank on a daily basis. Please ask your child about scholar dollars. TEAM Power and CLASSROOM Power!

We reflected on our pieces of Art work this week, Tree of Life. These reflections will be placed in our portfolios. We will begin our classroom wreath On Friday.

Structures are fun, interesting, and exciting to learn about. We will be doing several on-line labs related to materials, weight, shapes and loads. We will need to have our “STRUCTURE” thinking brains in high gear!

Our learning community that consists of students, teachers, EAS, parents/care givers,and extended family members is AWESOME!


Good evening everyone.
We had a wonderful week of learning last week. Some of our highlights of learning were inferring, learning the names of the 7 continents, our word families( with the Long I sound), creating our Trees Of Life, and starting to create our relationship table. We also had a fire drill last week, and practiced our lock down procedures.Friday was fabulous as we got our buckets filled. I love “Bucket Filling Friday”!

This week we will be working on greater than and less than in Math as well as estimation skills. We know that our alligator likes to have lunch and munch the larger numbers. In Readers Workshop we will be working on our relationship books with our partners and after we are finished inferring we will share the main ideas of our books. Writing will be all about the “Hamburger” model. Topic sentence, supporting details, and concluding sentence.We will be doing a lot of practice on creating wonderful grade 3 writing hamburgers. Structures will be a topic of conversation in Science. Tension, compression, and center of gravity will be our focus this week. What does it mean when we stretch an elastic band?

I’m excited to start our passports to the world in Social Studies. We will travel the continents together and learn about interesting facts as we land on each continent.

Our Halloween dance is on Thursday, October 25th.Thank-you to everyone that has handed in their sheets.

This is the first week for Student in the Spotlight, and we are so looking forward to Aubrey’s sharing. I can’t wait to learn more about Aubrey. Thank-you to Aubrey for signing up first and being willing to share all about herself.

It’s going to be a great week of learning.
Please see the attached pictures of our “Trees Of Life” , Gustav Klimit, bulletin board, as well as our relationship table.

Looking Ahead at our week Oct.15th-19th

We have 5 days of learning together this week. Our classroom theme we are working on for the next month is “Relationships”. We will be studying this in Health as well as looking at picture books related to Relationships. We will continue to use our strategy of inferring to make sense of pictures and what they might mean to each of us. In Math we are learning about place value, and we are able to build 4 digit numbers and order them form least to greatest. It’s great to work in groups and share our learnings with one other. Today we were able to brainstorm 42 words(as a class) working on the Word Family Long I sound with the pattern i_e. We are awesome at creating our word families and we work together as a family in 3P! Sending and receiving in Gym has been our focus for the week and we are also learning about the qualities of good sportsmanship. Structures, and continents will be our areas of study in Science and Social Studies.

Please return Pattern Math assessments, Halloween dance sheets, and weekly self reflection sheet from Friday, Oct.12th.

Student in the Spotlight time lines for presenting will be sent home with your child on Wednesday, Oct.17th as several students were absent the day we made our list. Please look for the “Relationship Table Display” informational note that will be sent home on Tuesday, Oct.16th.

Have a wonderful week!

October 9th-12th

We have a short week, but a busy one! Today we had Music, and we were able to finish our corrections on our Patterns assessment in Math.We enjoyed Mrs. Dumont coming in to our classroom and modelling the reading strategy of “inferring”.We were amazing when we were inferring about what was going to happen next in our books. A lot of questions, wonders, and inferences were generated. Mrs. Priel really enjoyed the conversations that were taking place when we got to “turn and talk” and share our inferences. We started a new unit in Art, an artist study. We brainstormed a title for a piece of art work that was placed in a museum. The titles the students came up with were amazing. Wednesday is Picture Day and Friday is our Bucket Filing Friday. Reading Logs will be sent home on Thursday as well as the Math assessments on Patterns.