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How is CWEx Offered?Timetabled, Stand Alone Class In this situation, there is adequate student enrollment to schedule a CWEx class. A teacher is assigned to all required duties of the CWEx course.Timetabled, Combined Class In this situation, there is not adequate student enrollment to schedule a CWEx class, however there is still a need to offer it and it is accomplished by combining it with another elective (ie. Life Transitions, Financial Literacy, etc.) A teacher is assigned to all required duties of the combined courses.
Determining PlacementsPlacements should aim to meet the interests/needs of the students whenever possible.Placement partnerships should be in place prior to the student beginning their module work.If CWEx is scheduled for Q1, T1, or S1 (depending on your school), partnership placement work should begin in the spring of the previous school year.While multiple placements for a variety of experiences is desirable, there may be barriers to this so a single placement could suffice.Determining placements is the responsibility of the local school. This process will be supported by the PSSD Coordinator (Bruce Mellesmoen) responsible for Work Placements.
Working With Placement Partners (Employers)Supervising teacher (could be administrator) has met with potential employer.Safety inspection has been completed prior to CWEx placement (p. 280/281)The employer conducted an orientation with the student before they began their placement. (p. 279)The supervisor visited the student at their work placement 2 times in the first 25 hours and 1 time for every 25 hours following. (p. 285)The employer conducted interviews with the student using the monitoring checklist as a guide. (p. 284)
Supporting CWEx StudentsStudent has completed the CWEx Agreement (p. 276)Student has met required hours of in-class course instruction (see Completing Learning Modules below)The student has contacted their employer and arranged a time for an interview before they start their placement.During site visits, supervising teacher has completed monitoring checklist. (p. 286)
Completing Learning ModulesStudent must complete a safety module that makes them well prepared for situations that may arise at work. See Module 6Occupational Health and Safety Training (OH&S) Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training (WHMIS) Labour Standards TrainingHazard Training The student has created or revised their resume and cover letter. The student has had an opportunity to practice their interview skills.
In-class / Workplace Hours (100 hrs)CWEx 10 In-class Learning: 40 – 60 hours Workplace Learning: 40 – 60 hoursCWEx 20 In-class Learning: 30 – 50 hours Workplace Learning: 50 – 70 hoursCWEx A30, B30 In-class Learning: 25 – 30 hours Workplace Learning: 70 – 75 hours
AssessmentStudents completed a daily log at the end of each shift. (p. 282/283)The employer completed an evaluation of the student. (p. 288/289)The student completed a self-evaluation. (p. 287)The supervisor completed a final evaluation for the student upon completion of the placement. This should be a combination of the in-class component as well as the work placement component. (p. 290)
Follow UpStudent: Provide employer with a Thank You card and a letter of appreciation.May inquire about using employer as a potential reference on their resume.Employer:Express interest in future opportunities to support PSSD students through the CWEx program.Supervisor:Ensure all grading/reporting is completed as per PSSD Grading and Reporting practices.Ensure student has followed up with a Thank You card and a letter of appreciation.Share necessary information with caregivers in a timely manner as would be done for any core/elective course. This would include scheduling a conversation during the school’s three-way conferences.
Note: page numbers refer to the CWEx Resource Document which can be found at:

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Important information can be found in Appendix C (pg. 273) of the Prairie Spirit CWEx 10-20-30 Resource Modules listed below

Career & Work Exploration Agreement

Learning Consent & Agreement

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