Student Successes

Eryn Kielo – Heritage Fair Contest


Exciting news!!! Eryn Kielo created a video and is in a national voting competition! Here is the link to Eryn’s video based on her Heritage fair project of Jack Hitchcock.

Please view it and vote.  Voting started June 12th and ends July 7th.  If she receives the most votes she will have the opportunity to go to Ottawa to participate in the young Canadian cite a forum in the fall!!

Please feel free to share it with everyone you know via Facebook or twitter.

Eryn thanks you in advance for supporting her. Happy viewing and voting!

Congratulations Kate Wright!!

Kate is a Grade 7 student at DCS, who was just awarded second place in the World of 7 Billion video contest.  She will be interviewed on CBC radio Friday, May 12 at  7:20 am.

Tell us about the video…

I made the video as a class project. It took about 5-10 hours and I entered it into the contest because I was very happy with it and wanted people to see it.

The video is about rising seal levels due to climate change.

What did you learn?

Making the video I learned, about rising sea levels, how thy are caused and more about making videos.

What are you hoping people watching the video take away?

I hope people take away that the Earth is changing and we should all do something about it. Everything we do, small (or big), like recycling, gardening, using locally produced food or setting up solar panels all makes a difference.

Link to Kate’s video






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