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Halloween Dress-Up

On Friday, October 29th we would like to provide students the opportunity to dress up in costumes if they wish. If students would feel more comfortable, they can also choose to wear orange and black that day. To assist all our students with having a fun productive day at school, here are a few guidelines that must be followed if students with to wear a costume for the day.

  1. Costumes will be allowed to be worn ALL day.
  2. No toy or costume weapons of any type (knives, guns, spears, swords, light sabers, etc.) will be permitted at school.
  3. Students will still be expected to wear masks. We do ask that students not wear costume masks as they are easily broken, difficult to see with, and can be a distraction to the students.
  4. No gory or scary costumes, makeup, or accessories, as they are not appropriate for a pre-K – 6 school.
  5. If your costume has accessories that are not attached to the costume, we would prefer that they be left at home. We don’t want to see items getting lost or broken while at school.
  6. Students will be going outside at recess and lunch break to play, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Please do not send any treats with your children, as they will have the opportunity to trick or treat on the weekend. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with the guidelines above. IF you have any questions about the day at all, please do not hesitate to contact the school.