Digital Passport

*You will need your user name and password to complete all the activities.


Learn how to create safe and secure passwords when logging into Digital Passport and for all other accounts you create.
You will

  • Learn what components make a password secure.
  • Identify ways to create a memorable but secure password.
  • Create a secure password.



Reflect on what it’s like to multitask on a cellphone and consider the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.
You will

  • Learn that cellphones are powerful, convenient tools for communication.
  • Experience a simulation on cellphone multitasking and distraction.
  • Reflect on the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.



Evaluate examples of online messages and decide what information is appropriate to share, and when.
You will

  • Reflect on the benefits of sharing online, while acknowledging that information can spread fast and far.
  • Classify information that should be kept private online.
  • Predict the effect an online post or message might have on someone’s reputation.



Respond to cyberbullying scenarios. You will be prompted to make choices to evolve into an upstander.
You will

  • Compare different forms of cyberbullying and the roles of those involved.
  • Interpret scenarios that illustrate the importance of empathizing with targets of cyberbullying.
  • Identify ways to be an upstander when cyberbullying occurs.



Learn how to choose effective keywords for searching online. Practice selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt.
Along the way, discover tips for narrowing your search results.
You will

  • Learn how keywords can help find information online.
  • Evaluate keywords for relevance and helpfulness.
  • Practice identifying the most effective keywords for different search scenarios.



Remix media content to create a new creative piece. Along the way, give proper credit to the artists whose images and sound clips you use.
You will

  • Learn about copyright, credit, and plagiarism and apply this knowledge to your own creative work.
  • Reflect on the ethical importance of giving credit to others for their work.
  • Determine how to receive credit for your digital creations.