The Soccer Match

Ella and I walk into the huge building called the soccer center. Ella will play against the USA team. She is worried she will lose. I tell her good luck. She smiles, I smile back. The teams points are Canada 7, USA 8 and there is one minute left. Ella scores! USA scores, but the timer runs out first, it’s a tie!

“Overtime” says the coach. I say, “go Ella, go Canada, woo-hoo!” Canada gets one more point, USA gets one more point. 10 seconds left! Ella scores! 3…2….1…done! Canada wins, woo-hoo!

USA is a sore loser, they say we cheated. The coach gives Ella the trophy. “We won!” says Ella, I say, “good job!”

The end.

My Site

Welcome to my site. I am going to update this with things I’m reading and writing. I will also update things we are doing at home, like chores, games, baking, or other stuff.

March 23rd:

  • today I cleaned my room
  • I am writing a story about a soccer game. It will be on my literacy page.
  • I just finished my math. Today I’m working on a website called Happy Numbers.