March 2011 Grade 9

Well, in spite of our best efforts, our teachers have managed to keep us busy since the break. We’ve been solving up a storm of equations in mathematics, seeing a storm of romance and deception in Romeo and Juliet, and read about the storms of war and the plight of child soldiers in English. In Social, we finished with the Romans and are studying medieval times. Health has seen us examining the evolution of the tobacco industry. We’ve been skating and curling in Phys. Ed. IA has us welding and putting together engines, while we’ve been studying measurement in Home Ec. (but we really just want to make soup). Science has us studying cells and various forms of reproduction. We’ve been making our own personal Coats of Arms in Art. And finally, we’re looking up various careers on the internet in Careers! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Special thanks to Kaitlyn and Nickole and the Peanut Gallery.