April 2011 Grade 3&4 News

Here’s what’s happening in the 3/4 room these days…
Science: We had a wonderful field trip to Gardenscape where we planted some beans, learned about composting, insects and the parts of a plant. A very special thank you to Mrs. Leuschen, Mrs. Cory and Mr. Harder for coming along with us. We are just wrapping up our rocks and minerals unit and will be moving on to predicting weather, next.
ELA: We are just finishing the novel How to Eat Fried Worms. Our approach to this book has been a little different than the other novels studies we’ve done. This time around, each student was assigned on chapter (or two, if they’re short) to develop a presentation on for the class. It’s been really fun to hear each person’s interpretation of a chapter and to have them share their questions and connections!
We continue to focus on the writing process and grammar. We are getting quite good at proof reading – try to stump us! Of course we also continue to develop our phonics and spelling skills as well. Our current reading comprehension strategy is making inferences.
Math: The grade 3s are just beginning a unit on fractions. The 4s are also working on fractions as well as decimals.
Social Studies: We will be beginning a unit on Saskatchewan.
Phys-Ed.: We are developing some badminton skills.
We have also started on some triathlon training. Please watch for more information coming soon as the date is quickly approaching!

Alana Wilson and the 3/4 Class!