April 2011 Kindergarten News

The Kindergarten room has undergone some changes this month! The class had to move upstairs to the art room for three days while our room received a fresh coat of paint. It looks clean and fresh and inspired us to change our room around a bit. We’ve pulled out the dinosaur toys, sorted through our dishes, and brought out more discovery objects. The class has also worked together to create a beautiful Easter bulletin board! The class continues to work on their literacy games (rhyming, recognizing beginning sounds, colour words, month words, reading online stories). During play the students will be asked to write about what they’re doing. This will be very informal and spontaneous. If they create or discover something exciting that day, they will be encouraged to ‘write about it’ in their centre journals. We will be encouraging them to try and spell words on their own and to illustrate the event. In math we are discussing ordinal numbers and when we use them (calendar, competitions). The Kindergarten curriculum encourages student-directed learning. The students were inspired by a skeleton from a Grade 5 Care Partner. We have been discussing what we know about bones and have participated in a bone research session in the library with Ms. Bishop-Moisan. The students came up with their own questions and have done their own research! I am so impressed with the growth and development I have seen in this group of students since the beginning of the year! Thanks to all the Kindergarten families for the work you do at home and the support you give to your child. I am so proud of these children!