June 2011 Grade 7 News

The year is slowly coming to a close. The weather is warming up, and as a result, our classroom has become a sauna! The students are holding up well, but are definitely looking forward to the summer holidays. We have just begun a review of the year’s math concepts. The students will be writing a year end exam later next week. In ELA we are revisiting some grammar concepts. Needless to say, the kids are loving it!!
The Grade 7 orientation for Dundurn and Hanley Grade 6 students will take place on June 22, from 9:30 – 12:00. And finally, our year end trip is right around the corner: June 24th…Blue Mountain, here we come! Please ensure your child has weather appropriate clothing, a bagged lunch, plenty of water, and money for supper. Thanks to the Moms who volunteered to chaperone our trip: Mrs. Wasmuth, Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Richards, and Mrs. Presnell. It should be awe- some! We look forward to creating some fantastic memories and setting a positive tone for the summer.