September 2011 Grade 4&5 News

I am so happy to be a part of the grades 4 and 5 class this year! On the first day of school we made mini individual time capsules which contain our likes, dislikes and goals we set for the year. On the last day of school we will see if our favourite things have changed and if we have reached our goals! (and remember… they are keeping an ‘eye’ on you all year long) We started the year off by doing a lot of review in Math and ELA, just to get everyone’s brains moving again. We are doing some practice writing paragraphs in ELA and will be writing an autobiography in a couple of weeks! In Science, we are working on ways to better the environment and doing a lot of research about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We have come up with some great ideas that we can do as a class to make a good impact on the environment! Math has started up again, and the Grade 5’s are working with Mr. Woods-Fehr while the Grade 4’s are with Ms. Rancourt. We are having a great time in our class and look forward to what is ahead! Please check out our class website ( where you will find what we are learning, educational games and even student work that are is in the process of being created!

Feel free to stop by anytime to see myself or the class!